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MapleStory player coming back from long time ago

First off, Kinesis is a solid class, he just requires control over his Psychic Point stock (since many of his used skills use up large amounts of it) and his numerous set up skills. Once you establish that control, it only becomes a matter of getting all the good gear.

Secondly, If you want to play on a vanilla world, then Scania is your best bet, however you WILL need to either use a lot of real money to buy your way to power or take the long road to power.

But if you don't want to spend as much money, then you NEED to go to reboot. Your damage increases as your MapleStory Mesos, and you can buy numerous items that normally require NX using mesos. In exchange, the enemies are much harder to kill.

Lastly, those two have very high power by the time you unlock every single skill, however their bossing ability isn't as consistent as other classes, as you can only use your strongest DPS skills under certain circumstances. Since I'm biased to Kinesis, I recommend Kinesis.

It is different from all the other servers, mainly in the following:
You can't use real-world money to get stronger.
All the items required to improve your stats and gear can be purchased only with meso.

However, in order to effectively collect meso you need to buy a pet with real-world money, and revive it with more money every 3 months. In a sense, Reboot is something of a subscription-based server.

You can't trade anything with more MS Mesos, and you can't move equipment even between your own characters.

There is no scrolling. Only "star force" enhancements done with meso.
Some events don't work.
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